About Us


Our mission is to cultivate creativity, curiosity and compassion, to empower and inspire every child in India and to provide them a platform to work towards building a better world through the field of computer science and technology.


We envision a future led by people who have found inspiration in technology and have been empowered to believe in themselves from an early age.

Who are CodeWizards?

Code Wizards is an organization committed to building the next generation of creative leaders.

At CodeWizards, we believe that kids deserve to explore their potential by trying out different activities and hobbies. Coding is one such activity that, when developed from a young age, can help them develop their capacity to think logically, as well as improve their overall aptitude through computational thinking and in forming rational opinions on their own.

A coding session
Students engrossed in coding

We are in a fast-changing world that is becoming increasingly centred on technology to ease the way in multiple ways. The possibilities are endless: to access information about a topic, get in touch with friends and family, learn that one language you’ve always wanted to know, set up and promote your own small business, or even something as mundane as purchasing a book online.

Learning about how things work is fun in itself but coding and programming help you to not only understand technology but to also create and write your own. The key is to dismantle the fears and confusion around programming, to have clarity that all these odd symbols and numbers are simply another language that can be used by anyone who puts a little time and effort into it.

Students having some fun after class hours

"Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think"

Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc

Why us?

At Code Wizards, we strive to make learning relevant to you.

Our curriculum will provide you with a framework of tools, but what you create will largely be decided by you – driven by your story, unlimited by your creativity.