Course Overview


What does this course entail?
Using the Scratch Language (developed by MIT’s Media Lab), we will develop video games, animations, simulations, and interactive applications. Inspired by constructivist approaches to learning (i.e. learning by experimenting with one’s own experiences and ideas), the activities emphasise Computational Thinking concepts – which are essential to all programming languages and are central to problem solving in all realms of life.



How long is the course?
The course lasts for a month in which classes are held only on weekends.


Why this course?

  • Children acquire computational thinking abilities which help them solve problems logically and methodically and become smart and better thinkers.
  • Children understand how the digital world around them full of apps and software works
  • Children are inspired and learn to create their own apps and digital products
  • Most industries today are looking for people with a good understanding of computer science. This course makes children computer smart.
  • Most renowned universities highly value these skills in prospective students
  • Children can advance to creating applications which might be used by users across the globe winning them global recognition!


A truly international community

Students from over 100 countries are learning Scratch today. Over 6 million students have created around 14 million projects in Scratch today. Make your child a part of this truly amazing community of the children of the future!