Scratch is a user-friendly, visual-based programming language developed by MIT Media Lab. Its attractive interface and gamified format helps children learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively – all essential skills for life.


  • Logic-based thinking
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Creative computing
  • Computational thinking
  • Enhanced Self confidence
  • Memory boosts

In the first level of MIT Media Lab’s interactive platform, Scratch, kids will gain an insight into the basics of the programming language. They will familiarise themselves with the pillars that support Scratch, namely the Script (instructions), the Stage (display), and the Sprite (action/outcome). This module will kindle interest in programming and allow the children to navigate the various possibilities of Scratch.

After exploring the basics of Scratch, Level 2 goes further into the components. This module focuses on the artistic, animation and story-telling aspects of Scratch. Kids learn about the different code blocks they can use to create various projects, including using tools of art such as “pen commands” (a tool for drawing shapes), or conditional loop blocks (creating loops of animated sequences, based on certain defined conditions).

The final module of our Scratch course heads into gamer territory. Getting to play these games is just one part to having fun; in these sessions, kids are encouraged to think creatively and design different types of games. By this point, they will have become far more comfortable in using Scratch and will have to focus on putting it to innovative use to build a game. More than just coding blocks, this involves imagining objectives for players to achieve, what constitutes a victory and what constitutes a loss, as well as the creation of levels, depending on how intricate a game they design. Kids are also encouraged to choose suitable sprites and background music to make a truly invigorating complete package in gameplay.

Coming Soon


JavaScript will be introduced soon at CodeWizards


Python will be introduced soon at CodeWizards

Scratch 4 Arduino

Scratch 4 Arduino will be introduced soon at CodeWizards